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My Husband Made My Cry

As my husband and I approach our 34th wedding anniversary on August 25th, I think about what we have both encountered and overcome in our lives together as a married couple and parents. Challenges that seemed so serious at the time have now become a vapor. I mean we've been married longer than the age we were when we got married.

We honestly didn't know or realize how young we were. All we knew is that we loved each other and we were more than ready to spend a lifetime together for better or worse. Just when I thought I had seen or heard every thing my husband (LaDarien Spencer) would do, he surprised me with something that literally brought me to tears.

We were on our way to a gig in Dallas when he reluctantly asked if he could make a quick stop at DSW Shoe Warehouse. Yes, I gave him the usual "why would you want to do that" look. Mind you he had already been to DSW two times in the last two days or so trying to get the right leather sandals and now he wants to stop again? My husband is so frugal and always frowns at the price of nice shoes for men, so why would he want to go back for more? He also hates shopping. Then he explained why. "Ok, here we go", I thought. He said, "Wellllll." In my mind I'm thinking, "Oh no what happened and let me brace myself." Holding my breath with a smile on my face (well maybe more like a Mona Lisa look LOL), I listened as he lowered his head a bit. He said he was sitting in his car at a red traffic light when he saw a homeless gentleman sitting down on the side of the street on what was a very HOT day in the triple digits. The man's feet were in poor condition with blisters/sores, etc.

He rolled down his window and asked the homeless gentleman about his feet. He replied, "Man, that's all right---I'm used to it." With heartfelt empathy for him , LaDarien looked down at his brand new leather sandals that took two trips to DSW to get it right and asked the gentleman his shoe size. He said, "Eleven". (Well how about that? My husband wears the same size.) Next, he took his sandals off and summoned the gentleman to his window and blessed him with the new sandals. The gentleman was elated. Now by this time, I'm teared up, especially when he told me that he went to two DSW shoe stores in the area barefoot trying to find those same sandals to no avail. Now, I REALLY gasped at that!! I said, "You did what?" He finally just purchased flip flops or sliders at the second store until he could return to the one near our home. By that time, we had arrived at DSW/Firewheel Town Center where he purchased the sandals and thank God, there was another pair in stock.

What a blessing to see the "gentle, loving side" of my husband and that after all these years, he just keeps getting better. I can't tell you how blessed and honored I am to be his wife.

Maybe he didn't wash his feet, but giving up his brand new sandals and humbly walking into two public buildings barefoot so someone else could have shoes on the scorching hot concrete and streets of Dallas, TX speak volumes---and I am so proud of him. Another reason why I may have teared up was because his story made me realize how vain I am. I honestly don't think I would have walked into two public buildings barefoot. let alone give up my brand new shoes. But, I do know that I would have driven straight home :D. To me, walking in a building barefoot is like your wig falling off in the middle of a performance or church praise and worship. Also, his story reminds of the scripture; " ....whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me.." Matthew 25:40. Remember, it's the little things you do.

Happy anniversary to my sweetheart, husband, best friend, manager, "baby daddy", body guard, etc. I love you.

"What God has joined together, let no man put asunder." Mark 10:9

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