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Perfection is Impossible But Your Attitude is a Choice

Yesterday, I called three different companies regarding a challenge I was having with their product or service. The first company representative was very helpful. She was never defensive about me expressing my concerns. She helped address the concern with a pleasant attitude. Even if I had become a little agitated, she had already made a decision to be peaceful. I'm sure it helps when the caller or customer is respectful, too, but sometimes that doesn't matter.

The second call I made to address a concern was totally different. I was rudely interrupted and told, "Time out, let's make a right turn". "It's so easy". And, all I could think was, "What? "Excuse me"? I was doing everything I could to maintain my composure through the sly innuendoes, especially the repeated hint that "it's so easy". "But, what does "time out" mean anyway?", I thought. Am I a little child in day care "acting bad" and the mean teacher just put me in "time out"? He wanted to do all the talking and in a defensive manner -------and wasn't listening to me, the customer. If he had, he would not have missed the key information I gave that he later repeated back to me erroneously. I finally told him that I drive a car, but I'm not a mechanic! In other words, when the warning light goes off in my car (like the engine light), it means something is wrong, but I rely on a mechanic or the manufacturer to tell me what's wrong and how to repair it. It does not matter how easy the product is----if it's malfunctioning, I don't know how to repair it. It's frustrating when you try to explain that you're getting a "warning light" from a product and you're provided with generic responses that has nothing to do with the problem or tell me it's easy like I'm an idiot. Everyone knows that if you ignore warning signs, you accept all risks.

The third company was absolutely fabulous. I explained the issue I was having, and she so graciously listened and gave me the best options with the least amount of cost to me. She was straight forward about what may be my possible demise without insult.

So, what's the moral of the story? "A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger." (Proverbs 15:1.) And, it may cost you business, too.

Striving for perfection is absolutely wonderful, but 100% perfection in every situation is truly impossible. There will be human errors, honest mistakes, oversights, including product defects. So, it is not the respective errors of the business products and services or the people operating in these businesses, but the attitude of the people operating in the capacity of customer care and concern. You truly find the value of a company when things "go wrong". Now, did I want to "go off" on the representative of the second company? Yes! But, I simply made a choice. I chose to do business elsewhere. Thank God for the gift of choice!

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