Radio/Media Supporting Indie Artists

As an independent artist, it has been quite a journey since I returned to music as a professional career in 2010.  I really appreciate the amazing support I've received from radio stations (internet and terrestrial), webcasters, and other indie-friendly media services.  Thanks to all of you! And, to show my appreciation, I have dedicated this page to YOU by loading it with ads/logos that will take viewers directly to your website so they can appreciate you, too. 

Just scroll down,  point, click and listen to amazing music by both independent and major label artists.  

interview with Jazzy Mann.jpg
Jazzy Mann transitioned on Dec 22, 2017.  I'm forever grateful for his love and support of my music and many  indie artists.  The above interview was recorded on 12/1/2016 and the twitter comment was posted between 2016-2017. 

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Saxophone, Flute & Vocals