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Church Lady Refused to Let My Family Sit in “HER” Row

It was a typical Sunday morning. My son was home for the weekend and the three of us, including my husband, attended church before taking our son back to college. The music had already begun with praise and worship as we walked down the middle isle to find a seat. We stopped at a row where there were plenty of seats to easily accommodate us. The lady looked at us like she wanted to say, “What do you want?” I politely said, “Could you please let us in?” It was quite obvious that she was not going to give up her seat at the end, which was quite all right with us. We have never had a problem moving to the center or toward the center of a pew or row of seats. I mean this is not a concert w

Perfection is Impossible But Your Attitude is a Choice

Yesterday, I called three different companies regarding a challenge I was having with their product or service. The first company representative was very helpful. She was never defensive about me expressing my concerns. She helped address the concern with a pleasant attitude. Even if I had become a little agitated, she had already made a decision to be peaceful. I'm sure it helps when the caller or customer is respectful, too, but sometimes that doesn't matter. The second call I made to address a concern was totally different. I was rudely interrupted and told, "Time out, let's make a right turn". "It's so easy". And, all I could think was, "What? "Excuse me"? I was doing everything