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Domestic Violence - Why Music & Fashion

​ My sister on the sax, Ernie D. Shelby aka Lady Sax reached out to me several months ago with a vision: a vision of live entertainment of women on saxophones and a fashion show to bring awareness to domestic violence. She chose October because this month is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and she felt like this worthy cause still did not have enough attention, especially considering the obvious serious nature of domestic violence. I was honored she asked me to be a part of this program, and of course I accepted; however, Ms. Shelby accepted and endured the task of making this event come to fruition with her own blood, sweat, tears and dollars. Some of the difficulties she ens

How to Avoid Being Pulled Over by Police

​ Recently, I was driving home from a gig in Austin, Texas. I heard on the waze GPS two times that there were police officers ahead. I didn't worry about it because I was not speeding. Besides, I'm always at speed limit or within five mph above the speed limit, but I set my cruise control to be certain. About five minutes later, I saw a sport utility vehicle barreling down the interstate behind me. I moved over to the right lane to let him through because I didn't want to deal with any road rage issues with this maniac behind me. Besides, this was not the first motorist I irritated on this trip because I was not driving fast enough. A little flustered I said to myself, "If they would ju

Bringing the "Many Colors" of Jazz

​Texas entertainer and independent award winning recording artist, Joyce Spencer, is back with her much anticipated second CD release entitled "Many Colors", bringing the many colors of jazz from traditional to contemporary and smooth to funk/fusion, along with three covers (John Coltrane, Billy Cobham and Billie Holiday) and seven original tracks. The original music, including lyrics, were all written and produced by Joyce Spencer. No matter what "groove", Joyce's music is always inspirational with pleasant cinematic pictures that never fade away from your heart and soul. The "Many Colors" CD grabs your attention on every level with smooth and funky melodies on saxophone (soprano, alto and